Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thoughts while speed cleaning

Sometimes I feel like my house looks like the one in that picture! Well, this morning my Twitter friend, Kelleigh, couldn’t lead us in speed cleaning so I decided, what the heck, I can do it! I decided that even if only one person was following my tweets it would be worth it because it would keep me accountable to getting the work done! As I’m sweeping away, (thinking about the fact that I think I’m twittering my speed cleaning updates only to myself) I had an analogy forming in my head. Watch out – she’s thinking!! Anyway, I was thinking about how keeping myself accountable to my speed cleaning because of the thought that just one person might be following after me, reminded me that the Christian walk is much the same. We never know who’s following our “tweets”, our conversations & our actions. We don’t know who might be watching. Be it our children, family, co-workers, neighbors, fellow soccer Moms or even strangers. It makes so thankful that our God is a God of grace and mercy and that we can start every day fresh in Him. So, I’m encouraging myself today, in speed cleaning and in life, to continue to keep myself accountable because I never know who is watching :~)

This verse helps me to start my day off in the right frame of mind: “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14

Have a great day!

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