Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ralph's Savings!

Coupon Queen In-Training :~)

Woo Hoo!

That's a lot of food for under $100!

Ok, I promised my girls that I would not do this every week...they think I am quite crazy unpacking all the groceries and then organizing them to take a picture! Although the first words out of my 14 year-old's mouth was "how much did you save?" I love it! She's gonna follow in her Momma's footsteps :~)

So, I think I did really good at Ralph's this week. There were a few things that I needed that I didn't have a coupon for, but that were still on sale...

Drum Roll please!!! My "Verified Total Savings" was $128.82!!

I also had some extra cash in the form of recycling (which I did right before my shopping trip so that I wouldn't lose the paper vouchers!). My total was $22.35!

So after deducting my recycling vouchers, my Grand Total came to $96.66!!!!

Even without my recycling $, my total out-of-pocket would still be less than my total savings - you gotta love it when you save more than you spend! Woo Hoo! Can't wait to see what kind of deals I'll come home with next week :~)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Planner/Grocery List Giveaway

Here's the Menu Planner/Grocery List Clipboard for the Pinch That Penny giveaway. Our winner chose the paper/ribbon combinations and I think that they came out great!

Coupon Queen Strikes Again at CVS!

I am so excited to share the amazing deals I got today at CVS!!! This is evidence to show that the drudgery of coupon clipping & organizing does pay - huge!

Ok, so here's the rundown:

Before any discounts my total would have been $113.75...

My discounts including sale prices & coupons totaled a whopping $70.86!!!

Which brought my total to $42.89.

That's a great savings but that's not the end of my discounts! Because I purchased certain products that were listed under the "Extra Bucks" Rewards, I received $19.00 back in Extra Bucks!!! These can be used as cash for my next shopping trip.

So, including my Extra Bucks, my Grand Total came to: $23.89!!!!!!

And I must add that one of my items was a Gillette Fusion razor which was priced at $9.99. CVS was offering $5 Extra Bucks plus I had a $4 off coupon. That's right, I got a $10 razor for $1.00!! Woo Hoo!! What a great way to start the week off :~)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pink & Black Paper/Ribbon Choices

Congratulations to Cathy from Texas! She was the winner of the Pinch That Penny Till It Screams Giveaway ~ www.pinchthatpenny.org . Heather @ Pinch That Penny wrote a nice review for my Menu Planner/Grocery List Clipboard here and Cathy was the winner of our giveaway.

Cathy has given me a few color choices and I have laid out some paper & ribbon combinations for her to pick from.

Just let me know (by number) which combination you like best:





Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Decorating in our Home

I'm so excited! Our home feels all warm and cozy now that I've gotten the Fall decorations up. Now if only the weather would cooperate so that we could use our beautiful fireplace!

Guest Room Re-do!

Thanks to a two week bout with the swine flu (and an overdose of HGTV!) my husband and I decided to start a few home improvement projects. Why do all the rooms in the whole house suddenly become a mess when you are re-doing one room? In our case it was because we decided to change our guest room/office/dumping zone for anything that doesn't have a home into a guest room/crafting room and so all of the office supplies & stuff with no home had to be re-located!

Here's a before photo:
This was actually taken right after we moved in 5 years ago, so add a bookcase, a dresser and a bunch of clutter and you'll get the idea!

So, we've made quite a lot of progress on the new & improved guest/crafting room, but we've still got to finish painting (we ran out of paint & couldn't go to the store because we were still contagious!) and hang shelves & pictures, etc.

This armoire (a hand-me-down) was originally used as a t.v. cabinet....

Nice half-painted wall! It's a work in progress :~)

I re-purposed the bookshelf once used for homeschooling books...

Notice my Christmas goodies I'm packing up to sell!

Lastly, the inside of the armoire...so much storage!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Snowman Cards

I'm still working on creating items to sell at my friend's Holiday Boutique and this week I decided to create some Christmas cards. I love snowmen, so you will see that they will find their way into my holiday projects more often than not :~)