Friday, January 29, 2010

Freezer Cooking...Meatballs & Inventive Freezer Storage!

Ok, so I think the break and caffeine worked! As I was mixing together my meatloaf/meatball recipe - which is made with ground turkey - I realized that they weren't binding together like I had, I added another 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs...still not like hamburger meatballs. So, I thought, why not use an ice cream scoop and scoop them into lined muffin tins? Will it work? It's worth a try...otherwise these meatballs will become a meat "loaf"!

Scroll down to see the results....

I love it when a plan comes together!! Sorry, I had to say it! A little throwback to the 80's and the "A-Team" :~)

Freezer Cooking.....Back to Work!

Here's my Chicken Pot Pie before the top crust goes on....

After the top crusts...not real pretty as I'm using round (pre-made) pie crust in a rectangular pan! Had to do a little cut & paste!

2 Chicken Pot Pies ready for the freezer! Actually, since we have a soccer tournament all weekend one will stay in the fridge and used for a yummy dinner tomorrow night. Trying to keep from having to go out to eat during a busy weekend!

Freezer Cooking.....Break Time!!!!

Wow, 2 hours have already gone by! So to recap: I have made 2 servings of Taco Meat, 1 Baked Ziti and 2 Chicken Pot Pies (ingredients cooling before assembly). Whew! I must take a 30 minute break to recharge (drink coffee and eat something!) and then I'll start on my Baked Meatballs....I'm thinking I must just have time to make a double batch of Chocolate Chip Cookie dough too!

Chicken & Veggies...

Pot Pie Sauce...

The side of the kitchen that is clean!

Ahhhh! That's a lot of dishes!

Where I do all my blogging & tweeting ~ my Mac (I Love You Mac!!!!)

Freezer Cooking.....

Woo Hoo!!!! Baked Ziti and 2 Batches of Taco Meat are ready for the Freezer!!!

Freezer Cooking.....

Ok, so the sauces are done and are cooling...pasta has been cooked...and the dishes are growing!!!

Freezer Cooking.....

It's 9:30 and here's what I've accomplished so far: 2 lbs taco meat is simmering, Baked Ziti sauce is also simmering, potatoes are a nice golden brown and chicken is almost done! You'll also see in the photo that the mess is growing as well!

It's Freezer Cooking Day!

Today is Day One of Freezer Cooking Day! I am splitting up the menu and will finish on Tuesday. If you have never made a meal ahead of time and froze it to be used for another day, you have to try it - it it soooo great! A couple of weeks ago I formulated my Plan which included recipes, shopping list & my Freezer Day Worksheet (more on that later)...

Today I will be making 6 meals:

2 Chicken Pot Pies
1 Baked Ziti
1 Baked Meatballs
2 Servings of Taco Meat

It's 9 am and I'm off to a good start: 3 lbs of hamburger is cooking, chicken is boiling & potatoes are browning nicely...I've also got 4 pie crusts out thawing...

Stay Tuned!!